Disable optimizing numpy arrays over the wire.


Enable logger output to given stream.


Enable optimizing numpy arrays over the wire.


Determine if serialization of numpy arrays is enabled.

launch_prime([prime_root, ip, port, ...])

Launch an instance of Ansys Prime Server and get a client for it.

launch_server_process([prime_root, ip, ...])

Launch a server process for Ansys Prime Server.


Get local model :rtype: Model


Context helper to execute code with numpy optimization disabled.


Context helper to execute code with numpy optimization enabled.

AddLabelResults([model, error_code, json_data])

Results associated with the add label operation.

AddThicknessParams([model, thickness, ...])

Parameters to add thickness for a given plane.

AddThicknessResults([model, error_code, ...])

Result structure associated with add thickness zonelets.

AddToZoneResults([model, error_code, ...])

Results associated with the add to zone operation.


Define advanced settings for remeshing operation.


Generates volume mesh.

AutoMeshParams([model, size_field_type, ...])

Parameters for volume meshing.

AutoMeshResults([model, error_code, ...])

Results of volume meshing.

AutoNodeMoveParams([model, quality_measure, ...])

Parameters used to improve volume mesh by auto node move.


Generate full quad mesh.

AutoQuadMesherResults([model, error_code, ...])

Results of auto quad mesher.

BCPair([model, source_zonelet, ...])

Used to define boundary conditions for match morphing.


Option to specify boundary condition pair type.


Indicate options to identify morphable region in input volumetric mesh.


BOI type for BOI creation.

BoiSizingParams([model, max, growth_rate, ...])

Size field computed using body of influence size control enables you to specify a body of influence(that is, a region for sizing control).


BoundaryFittedSpline helps you to create splines for structured hex-mesh model.

BoundaryFittedSplineParams([model, ...])

Boundary fitted spline fitting parameters.

BoundingBox([model, xmin, ymin, zmin, xmax, ...])

Provides information about the definition of a bounding box.


Types of CAD faceter.


CAD Reader routes.


Types of maximum edge size limit for CAD faceting.

CadRefacetingParams([model, cad_faceter, ...])

Parameters to refacet CAD during import.


Levels of CAD faceting refinement.


Simulation Type for CDB export.


The type of cell quality measures to check cell quality metrics.

CellStatisticsParams([model, get_volume, ...])

Parameters used to calculate cell statistics.

CellStatisticsResults([model, volume, ...])

Results of cell statistics information.


Types of cell zonelet.

CheckFaceDeviationParams([model, distance, ...])

Parameters used for check face deviation operations.

CheckFaceDeviationResults([model, ...])

Result structure associated with the check face deviation operations.

CheckMeshParams([model, json_data])

Parameters used to check mesh.

CheckMeshResults([model, ...])

Result associated with the check mesh operation.

CheckTopologyParams([model, ...])

Parameters for check topology operations.

Client(*[, server_process, ip, port, ...])

Provides the Client class for PyPrimeMesh.

CollapseParams([model, feature_type, ...])

Parameters to collapse face elements.

CollapseResults([model, error_code, ...])

Results associated with collapse face elements.


Performs various collapse operations.

ComputeTopoVolumesResults([model, ...])

Results associated with compute topovolumes.

ComputeVolumesParams([model, ...])

Parameters to compute volumes.

ComputeVolumesResults([model, error_code, ...])

Results associated with compute volumes.


Connect face zonelets.

ConnectFacesParams([model, ...])

Parameters for connect faces operation.

ConnectResults([model, error_code, ...])

Results associated with the connection operations.


Flow or wake direction for BOI creation.

ContactPreventionParams([model, ...])

ContactPreventionParams defines contact prevention control parameters for wrapper.

ControlData(model, id, object_id, name)

Contains all controls.


Control point selection type.

CopyZoneletsParams([model, copy_zones, ...])

Parameters to copy zonelets.

CopyZoneletsResults([model, error_code, ...])

Result structure associated with copying zonelets.

CreateBOIParams([model, boi_type, ...])

Parameters used for BOI surface creation in the given axis.

CreateBOIResults([model, error_code, ...])

Result structure associated with BOI creation of zonelets.

CreateCapParams([model, json_data])

Parameters to create cap on face zonelets.

CreateCapResults([model, error_code, ...])

Results associated with create cap on face zonelets.

CreateContactPatchParams([model, ...])

Parameters used for contact patch creation in the given axis.

CreateContactPatchResults([model, ...])

Result structure associated with created contact patch zonelets.

CreateIntersectionEdgeLoopsParams([model, ...])

Parameters used to calculate edge loops created by intersection of two groups of face zonelets.

CreateIntersectionEdgeLoopsResults([model, ...])

Results for the edge loops created by intersection of two groups of face zonelets.

CreateMaterialPointParams([model, type, ...])

Defines parameters to create material point.

CreateMaterialPointResults([model, id, ...])

Results structure associated with create material point operation.


Indicate type to create volume zones for volumes.

CreateZoneResults([model, error_code, ...])

Results associated with the create zone.

CurvatureSizingParams([model, min, max, ...])

Size field using curvature size control computes edge and face sizes using their size and normal angle parameters.

DefeatureTopologyParams([model, ...])

Parameters for defeature topology operations.

DeleteFringesAndOverlapsParams([model, ...])

Parameters to delete fringes and overlapping faces.

DeleteFringesAndOverlapsResults([model, ...])

Results associated with the delete fringes and overlapping faces operation.

DeleteInteriorNodesParams([model, ...])

Parameters for delete interior nodes operation.

DeleteMaterialPointResults([model, ...])

Results associated with delete material point operation.

DeleteMeshParams([model, ...])

Parameters to delete mesh on topoentities.

DeleteMeshResults([model, error_code, json_data])

Results structure associated with delete mesh on topofaces.

DeleteResults([model, error_code, json_data])

Results associated with the deletion of items.


Performs various delete operation.

DeleteTopoEntitiesParams([model, ...])

Parameters to control delete topoentities.

DeleteTopoEntitiesResults([model, ...])

Results associated with delete topoentities.

DeleteUnwettedParams([model, json_data])

DeleteUnwettedParams defines parameters for delete unwetted surfaces operation.

DeleteUnwettedResult([model, error_code, ...])

Results structure associated with delete unwetted surfaces operation.

DeleteVolumesParams([model, ...])

Parameters to delete volumes.

DeleteVolumesResults([model, ...])

Results associated with delete volumes operation.

DeleteZoneResults([model, error_code, json_data])

Results associated with the delete zone.

DetectAndTreatCircularFacesParams([model, ...])

Parameters for detect and treat circular faces operation.

DetectAndTreatFeaturesParams([model, ...])

Parameters for detect and treat features operations.

DetectAndTreatHolesParams([model, ...])

Parameters for detect and treat holes operation.

DetectCircularHolesParams([model, ...])

Parameters for detect circular holes operation.

DetectHolesParams([model, ...])

Parameters for detect holes operation.

DetectNonCircularHolesParams([model, ...])

Parameters for detect non circular holes operation.


Edge connect type to define the type of connection between edges .

EdgeConnectivityResults([model, error_code, ...])

Result of the edge connectivity information.


Error codes associated with the failure of PyPrimeMesh operation.

ExportBoundaryFittedSplineParams([model, ...])

Parameters for exporting boundary fitted splines.

ExportFluentCaseParams([model, cff_format, ...])

Parameters to export fluent case file.

ExportFluentMeshingMeshParams([model, json_data])

Parameters used to export fluent meshing mesh.

ExportLSDynaIgaKeywordFileParams([model, ...])

Parameters for exporting LS-Dyna IGA keyword file.

ExportMapdlCdbParams([model, ...])

Parameters to control MAPDL CDB export settings.

ExportMapdlCdbResults([model, error_code, ...])

Results associated with the MAPDL CDB export.

ExportSTLParams([model, part_ids, json_data])

Parameters to export STL file.

ExtractFeatureParams([model, replace, ...])

Parameter to control feature edge extraction.

ExtractFeatureResults([model, ...])

Result of edge zonelet extraction by angle.

ExtractTopoVolumesParams([model, zone_name, ...])

Parameters to extract flow topovolumes.

ExtractTopoVolumesResults([model, volumes, ...])

Parameters to extract flow topovolumes.

ExtractVolumesParams([model, create_zone, ...])

Parameters to extract flow volumes.

ExtractVolumesResults([model, error_code, ...])

Results associated with compute volumes.

ExtractedFeatureIds([model, part_id, ...])

Contains ids of the features extracted.

FaceAndEdgeConnectivityParams([model, ...])

Parameters to get face and edge connectivity information.

FaceAndEdgeConnectivityResults([model, ...])

Result of the face and edge connectivity information.

FaceConnectivityResults([model, error_code, ...])

Result of the face connectivity information.


The type of face quality measures to check face quality metrics.


Provide functions for all feature extraction operations like extracting edges zonlelets, tracing node paths.

FeatureRecoveryParams([model, scope, ...])

FeatureRecoveryParams defines feature recovery control parameters for wrapper.


Handles reading or writing files from the disk.

FileReadParams([model, append, json_data])

Parameters to read file.

FileReadResults([model, error_code, json_data])

Results of file read operation.

FileWriteParams([model, json_data])

Parameters to write a file.

FileWriteResults([model, error_code, ...])

Results of file write operation.

FillHolesAtPlaneParams([model, create_zone, ...])

Parameters to fill holes at given plane.

FillHolesAtPlaneResults([model, error_code, ...])

Results associated with fill holes at given plane.

FixInvalidNormalNodeParams([model, ...])

Parameters to fix invalid average face normal at nodes by creating a nugget.

FixInvalidNormalNodeResults([model, ...])

Results associated with fix invalid average face normal at nodes.


Flow or wake direction for BOI creation.

GlobalSizingParams([model, min, max, ...])

Global sizing parameters.

HardSizingParams([model, min, growth_rate, ...])

Size field computed using hard size control enables you to maintain a uniform size based on the size specified.


Cell element type of hex-shaped cells.

HexCoreParams([model, ...])

Parameters to control hexahedral mesh generation.


Handle size transition of hex cells.

IGAResults([model, error_code, ...])

Results of IGA operations.

IGASpline([model, id, json_data])

Information of the spline.

IGAUnstructuredSplineSurf([model, id, ...])

Information of unstructured spline surface.

ImportAbaqusParams([model, json_data])

Parameters for importing Abaqus solver input files.

ImportAbaqusResults([model, error_code, ...])

Results of Abaqus import operation.

ImportCadParams([model, append, ...])

Parameters to control CAD import settings.

ImportCadResults([model, error_code, ...])

Results associated with the CAD import.

ImportFluentCaseParams([model, append, ...])

Parameters to import fluent case file.

ImportFluentCaseResults([model, error_code, ...])

Results associated with fluent case import.

ImportFluentMeshingMeshParams([model, ...])

Parameters used to import fluent meshing mesh.

ImportFluentMeshingMeshResults([model, ...])

Results associated with fluent meshing mesh import.

ImportMapdlCdbParams([model, ...])

Parameters to control MAPDL CDB import settings.

ImportMapdlCdbResults([model, error_code, ...])

Results associated with the MAPDL CDB import.

IntersectParams([model, tolerance, ...])

Parameters used for intersection.


Scaffold parameters use intersection mask to define nature of intersection computation.

JoinParams([model, tolerance, ...])

Parameters used for join.


Join separation method to handle separated overlapped zonelets.

LeakPreventionParams([model, ...])

LeakPreventionParams defines leakage prevention control parameters for wrapper.


Length units

LocalSurferParams([model, min_angle, ...])

Parameters to perform local surface remeshing.

LocalSurferResults([model, error_code, ...])

Results associated with the local surface mesh.

MatchMorphParams([model, json_data])

MatchMorphParams describes the parameters required for match morphing.

MatchMorphResults([model, error_code, json_data])

Results associated with match morph operation.

MatchPair([model, source_surfaces, ...])

Match pair to specify sources, targets for match morphing.


Match morph target type.


Type to specify treatment of matched mesh.

MaterialPointManager(model, id, object_id, name)

Provide functions for material point creation, deletion and queries.


Defines define type of material point.

MergeBoundaryNodesParams([model, tolerance, ...])

Parameters used for the merge boundary nodes operation.

MergeBoundaryNodesResults([model, ...])

Results associated with the merge nodes operation.


Type of nodes to be merged.

MergePartsParams([model, ...])

Parameters to merge parts.

MergePartsResults([model, error_code, ...])

Parameters to merge parts.

MergeVolumesParams([model, ...])

Parameters to merge volumes.

MergeVolumesResults([model, merged_volumes, ...])

Results associated with merge volumes operation.

MergeZoneletsParams([model, ...])

Parameters to merge zonelets.

MergeZoneletsResults([model, ...])

Results associated with merge zonelets.


MeshInfo provides information about the mesh connectivity and more.

MeshStackerParams([model, origin, ...])

Input parameters associated with the mesh stacker operations.

MeshStackerResults([model, error_code, ...])

Results associated with the mesh stacker operations.

MeshedSizingParams([model, growth_rate, ...])

Size field computed using meshed size control enables you to set the size based on existing sizes.

Model(comm, id, object_id, name)

Model is the nucleus of Prime.

MorphBCParams([model, morph_region_method, ...])

MorphBCParams contains the input parameters for calculating the boundary conditions for a morphing problem.

MorphSolveParams([model, json_data])

Morpher solve parameters.


Morpher contain functionalities to change the geometry, adapting the mesh accordingly without a recomputation.

MultiZoneControl(model, id, object_id, name)

MultiZone Control to describe parameters and controls used for MultiZone meshing.

MultiZoneEdgeBiasingParams([model, ...])

Defines MultiZone edge biasing control parameters.

MultiZoneMapMeshParams([model, scope, json_data])

Define controlling parameters for the map mesh using MultiZone.

MultiZoneSizingParams([model, max_size, ...])

Parameters for MultiZone meshing.

MultiZoneSweepMeshParams([model, ...])

Defines MultiZone thin sweep mesh control parameters.

NamePatternParams([model, json_data])

Parameters to be used to match name pattern with names.

OptimizeQuadMeshParams([model, ...])

Parameters for optimize quad mesh operations.

OverlapPairs([model, zone_id0, zone_id1, ...])

Provides ids of a pair of overlapping face zonelets.

OverlapSearchResults([model, n_pairs, ...])

Provides ids of a pair of overlapping face zonelets.

Part(model, id, object_id, name)

Part contains zonelets and topoentities.


Part Creation Type decides whether to create a part per CAD Model, Assembly, Part, Body.

PartSummaryParams([model, print_id, ...])

Parameters to control part summary results.

PartSummaryResults([model, message, ...])

Results of part summary.

PartZonelets([model, part_id, ...])

A structure containing some or all face zonelet ids available in a part.

PartialDefeatureParams([model, ...])

Parameters for partial defeature operation.

PeriodicControl(model, id, object_id, name)

Periodic controls provide settings for the recovery of periodic surfaces.

PeriodicControlParams([model, center, axis, ...])

PeriodicControlParams contains the parameters for periodic surface recovery.

PeriodicControlSummaryParams([model, json_data])

Parameters used to get size control summary.

PeriodicControlSummaryResult([model, ...])

Results of Periodic control summary.

PrismControl(model, id, object_id, name)

PrismControl allows you to generate prisms.

PrismControlGrowthParams([model, ...])

Growth parameters for prism control.


Offset type for prism control.

PrismParams([model, stair_step, ...])

Parameters to control prism mesh generation.

PrismStairStep([model, check_proximity, ...])

Parameters to control prism stairsteping.

ProximitySizingParams([model, min, max, ...])

Size field using proximity size control computes edge and face sizes in gaps using the specified minimum number of element layers.


Converts all-quad mesh to spline.

QuadToSplineParams([model, ...])

Parameters to control conversion of quadrilateral mesh to spline.

ReadSizeFieldParams([model, append, json_data])

Parameters used to read size field file.

RefineAtContactsParams([model, ...])

Parameters to refine face elements in contact.

RefineAtContactsResults([model, n_refined, ...])

Results structure associated with refine face elements in contact.

RefineSplineParams([model, refine_flag_u, ...])

Spline refinement parameters.

RemoveLabelResults([model, error_code, ...])

Results associated with the remove label operation.

RemoveZoneResults([model, error_code, ...])

Results associated with the remove zone operation.

RepairEdgesParams([model, ...])

Parameters for repair edges operation.

RepairTopologyParams([model, connect_faces, ...])

Parameters for repair topology operations.

ResolveIntersectionResult([model, ...])

Result structure associated with resolve intersections operation.

ResolveIntersectionsParams([model, ...])

ResolveIntersectionsParams define parameters for resolve intersections.

SFPeriodicParams([model, axis, angle, ...])

Parameters for setting periodic size fields.

Scaffolder(model, part_id)

Scaffolder is used for achieving connections in structures made of sheets and beams.

ScaffolderMergeResults([model, n_merged, ...])

Result structure associated with merge overlapping topofaces and delete shadowed topofaces operations.

ScaffolderParams([model, absolute_dist_tol, ...])

Parameters to control scaffold operation.

ScaffolderResults([model, ...])

Results structure associated to scaffold operation.

ScaffolderSplitResults([model, new_faces, ...])

Result structure associated to split topofaces operation.

ScopeDefinition([model, entity_type, ...])

ScopeDefinition to scope entities based on entity and evaluation type.


ScopeDefinition uses entity type to scope entities.


ScopeDefinition uses evaluation type to evaluate the scope.


ScopeExpressionType uses expression type to evaluate the scope.

ScopeZoneletParams([model, json_data])

Parameters used to get the scoped face or edge zonelets.

SearchByFoldsParams([model, critical_angle, ...])

Parameters to control fold detection.

SearchByFoldsResults([model, n_found, ...])

Results structure associated with search folds operation.

SearchByIntersectionResults([model, ...])

Results associated with search by face element intersection (face elements interfering with each other).

SearchByInvalidNormalsResults([model, ...])

Results structure associated with search invalid normals operation.

SearchByQualityParams([model, ...])

Parameters to control search by quality results.

SearchByQualityResults([model, n_found, ...])

Results of search by quality.

SearchBySelfIntersectionParams([model, ...])

Parameters to search by face element intersection.

SearchBySpikeParams([model, spike_angle, ...])

Parameters to control spike detection.

SearchBySpikeResults([model, n_found, ...])

Results structure associated with search spikes operation.

SearchByThinStripParams([model, ...])

Parameters to search by thin strip of face elements.

SearchByThinStripResults([model, n_found, ...])

Results associated with search by thin strip of face elements.

SearchInfoByRegisterIdParams([model, json_data])

Parameters to retrieve information on registered faces.

SearchInfoByRegisterIdResults([model, ...])

Result structure containing information on registered face elements.

SetContactPreventionsResults([model, ...])

Results associated with set contact preventions.

SetFeatureRecoveriesResults([model, ids, ...])

Results associated with set feature recoveries.

SetLeakPreventionsResults([model, ...])

Results associated with set leak preventions.

SetNameResults([model, warning_code, ...])

Results associated with the set name.

SetParamsResults([model, error_code, ...])

Results associated with the set parameters operation.

SetScopeResults([model, error_code, ...])

Results associated with the set scope operation.

SetSizingResults([model, warning_codes, ...])

Result associated with the different set sizing parameters.

SizeControl(model, id, object_id, name[, local])

Compute the size field for a volumetric surface meshing.

SizeControlSummaryParams([model, json_data])

Parameters used to get size control summary.

SizeControlSummaryResult([model, message, ...])

Results of size control summary.


The size field is computed based on the size control defined.

SizeFieldFileReadResults([model, ...])

Results of size field file read operation.


The type of sizing field to be used to fetch element size at given location.


Sizing type decides the type of size control.

SmoothDihedralFaceNodesParams([model, ...])

Parameters to smooth dihedral face nodes.

SmoothDihedralFaceNodesResults([model, ...])

Results structure associated with smooth dihedral face nodes.


Indicates the the type of operation to be performed during the smooth dihedral face nodes operation.

SoftSizingParams([model, max, growth_rate, ...])

Size field computed using soft size control enables you to set the maximum size on the scoped zonelets .


Type of solver.


Options to capture features in spline.


Type of spline refinement.

SplitParams([model, split_ratio, json_data])

Parameters to split face elements at longest edge.

StitchParams([model, tolerance, ...])

Parameters used for stitch operation.


Stitch type depending on nature of surface boundary edges to be stitched.

StretchFreeBoundariesParams([model, json_data])

Parameters used for stretch free boundaries operation.

StretchFreeBoundariesResults([model, ...])

Results associated with stretch free boundaries operation.

SubtractVolumesParams([model, ...])

Parameters to control the volume subtract operation.

SubtractVolumesResults([model, error_code, ...])

Results of the volume subtract operation.

SubtractZoneletsParams([model, ...])

Parameters to use when subtracting zonelets.

SubtractZoneletsResults([model, ...])

Results structure associated with subtracting zonelets.

SurfaceDiagnosticSummaryParams([model, ...])

Parameters to control surface diagnostics summary results.

SurfaceDiagnosticSummaryResults([model, ...])

Results of surface diagnostic summary.


Type of face edges considered as features.

SurfaceMeshSizeScaling([model, factor, ...])

Settings related to scaling of surface mesh size for hexcore refinement.

SurfaceQualityResult([model, ...])

Result of surface quality.

SurfaceQualitySummaryParams([model, ...])

Parameters to control surface quality summary results.

SurfaceQualitySummaryResults([model, ...])

Results of surface quality summary.


SurfaceSearch allows you to check surface mesh quality.


Performs various general surface utilities algorithms, such as adding thickness.


Generates surface mesh.

SurferParams([model, max_angle, ...])

Parameters used to generate surface mesh.

SurferResults([model, error_code, ...])

Results associated with the surface mesh.

TetParams([model, quadratic, json_data])

Parameters to control tetrahedral mesh generation.


The type to identify strip of face elements as thin strips using shape formed by features around the strip of face elements.

ThinVolumeControl(model, id, object_id, name)

ThinVolumeControl allows you to generate prisms in the space between surfaces.

ThinVolumeMeshParams([model, n_layers, ...])

Parameters to generate thin volume mesh.

TopoData(model, id, object_id, name)

Topodata has all information about connectivity of nodes, edges, elements and more.

TopoFillHoleParams([model, ...])

Parameters used to fill holes in topology.

TopoFillHoleResult([model, ...])

Results associated with fill holes in topology operations.


Toposearch diagnostic field.

TopoUtilities(model, part_id)

Performs various general surface utilities algorithms.


Provides functionalities to initialize and manage transformation using transformation matrix.

TransformParams([model, ...])

Parameters to transform given entities.

TransformResults([model, error_code, json_data])

Results associated with the transformation.

VolumeControl(model, id, object_id, name[, ...])

Defines the scope and type of volume mesh to generate.

VolumeControlParams([model, ...])

Volume control parameters are used to define the volume type in the volume control.


Types of volume fill options.


VolumeMeshTool allows you to check grid and improve volume mesh quality.

VolumeMeshToolResults([model, error_code, ...])

Result associated with the volume mesh tool operation.


Indicate source types used to name volume zones.

VolumeQualityResultsPart([model, ...])

Result of volume quality of part.

VolumeQualitySummaryParams([model, ...])

Parameters to control volume quality summary results.

VolumeQualitySummaryResults([model, ...])

Results of volume quality summary.


VolumeSearch allows you to check volume mesh quality.


VolumeSweeper class provide functions to volume mesh a given set of topovolumes by sweeping or stacking a set of face and edge zonelets.

VolumetricScaffolderParams([model, ...])

Parameters to control delete shadowed topofaces operation.

VolumetricSizeFieldComputeParams([model, ...])

Parameters associated with the compute volumetric size field operation.

VolumetricSizeFieldComputeResults([model, ...])

Results associated with the compute volumetric size field operation.


Warning codes associated with the PyPrimeMesh operation.

WrapParams([model, sizing_method, ...])

WrapParams defines parameters for wrapping.


Indicates source type to extract wrapper region.

WrapResult([model, warning_codes, ...])

Result structure associated to Wrap operation.


Provides operations for generating a surface mesh using wrapper technology.

WrapperCloseGapsParams([model, target, ...])

WrapperCloseGapsParams to define parameters for close gaps operation.

WrapperCloseGapsResult([model, error_code, ...])

Result structure associated with close gaps operation.

WrapperControl(model, id, object_id, name)

Provides all parameters and controls used for wrapping.

WrapperImproveQualityParams([model, ...])

WrapperImproveQualityParams defines parameters to improve wrapper part.

WrapperImproveResult([model, error_code, ...])

Results structure associated to improve quality.

WriteSizeFieldParams([model, ...])

Parameters used to write size field file.


ZoneType decides the type of zone.

PrimeRuntimeError(message[, error_code, ...])

Provides runtime errors for PyPrimeMesh.


Provides the runtime warning for PyPrimeMesh.